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Aston Woods Exterior - Optical Design

Design Spotlight: Aston & Woods Opticians, London

September 3, 2018 - News -

Why Optical Spaces are Adapting to Retail Design

Over recent times, optical has seen a massive shift – with the move from dispensing in a medical environment to selling in a retail environment. This has caused many independent practices to change their overall design because, without a doubt, an effective retail design can have a tangible and far-reaching impact.

It can increase footfall and sales, provide differentiation from competitors and ensure customers/patients are provided with an experience aligned with your business or company ethos.

Customers look for retail environments to offer a bespoke and personal feel, so your brand and identity is crucial.

It will allow you to connect with potential and existing customers and provide the patient experiences they’re looking for. Considerations should focus on touch points in the retail space, shop front signage, window displays, fixtures and fittings and general flow – all will need to work together to create a successful retail journey.View of the main retail space for Aston Woods Opticians

Aston and Woods Opticians, London

With Aston and Woods, we covered in great detail all of the key strategic questions about their brand, location and demographics. It is impossible to design a ‘physical’ brand & space if you don’t identify with the needs and aspirations of the customers who you are trying to engage with.

We were fully aware that the location on Tottenham Court Road would provide a fanatic opportunity to channel shoppers, tourists and city workers. Therefore, the environment needed to feel fashionable with a strong focus on retail.

The shopfront provided fantastic opportunities to communicate the brand and the offer, alongside showcasing eye-grabbing visual merchandising to entice customers into the space and ultimately make that indulgent purchase.

We also focused on creating a VIP suite that formed a comfortable and relaxed booth to allow customers to be invited through and enable staff the opportunity to deliver the complete dispense experience which ultimately provides opportunities to upsell.

The clinical side of the business was also extremely important to the client and we wanted to cement the fact that Aston Woods are at the forefront of advanced technology and clinical expertise.

As soon as a customer walks across the threshold into the off sales space the mood completely changes with an emphasis on clinical expertise reflected through high gloss finishes and LED mood lighting.

In conclusion…

The philosophy of our agency and core belief is that listening to our optical clients is the key to creative thinking and imaginative design. This results in exciting and dynamic environments that enable our clients to connect with customers and build relationships, ultimately increasing sales and customer loyalty.