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Award Winning Opticians - Exterior

Retail Experience Design’s Award Winning Client!

February 26, 2018 - News -

Many of you attended January’s @100Optical, and many of you came to say hello!

We had a fantastic time and we are already looking forward to next year! But we want to take a minute to praise Sinead McGurk Opticians. With the help of our design concept, they picked up the title of AOP PRACTICE OF THE YEAR 2018! The AOP Awards celebrate extraordinary talent and outstanding contributions from across the profession.


Since 2015, the award, sponsored by Randox Health, has been a showcase of the best and brightest in the healthcare industry in Northern Ireland, paying tribute to those in both the private sector and across the NHS who showcase excellence in day-to-day patient care. From innovation to surgery facilities and after-care to spectacular service, nominees endeavour to improve the standards of healthcare provision and the health of the population.

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Sinead McGurk Opticians reopened in May 2016 and we believe our design concept has enabled them to offer an enhanced patient experience that focuses on putting the patient first at every stage of the eye care journey. To already be picking up awards for best-in-show is a testament to the hard work of everyone involved, from our concept design to their outstanding customer service.  

The ethos at Sinead McGurk Opticians is centred around providing an enjoyable optical experience because it tailors each aspect of the visual journey around its clients. We kept this in our minds when designing the new store concept and we are really happy to have achieved that. Ms McGurk reflected on how our design exudes an aura of calm and gives the client confidence that they are professional, and can deliver their services with flair.

We think that delivering services with flair makes a massive difference in any retail environment. We, as a society, crave change. What’s too familiar becomes noise and we actively seek out something new. The challenge for retail designers is to design for longevity but also to be able to update displays to stay fresh and continue to effectively catch the attention of consumers.

Today, consumer expectations are higher than ever. Developing a retail design that will meet today’s consumer expectations is what Retail Experience Design excels at and we take great pride in seeing our store designs propelling businesses towards success.

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